Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre: Forklift Operator Safety Training

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Your Forklift Operator Safety Certificate is valid for a three-year period. If your card has expired, you too will need this training session. This course meets or exceeds all Ontario and CSA regulations and standards.

Who Should Attend: This is a compliant course. Inexperienced forklift drivers, and those with moderate prior experience operating a motorized, counterbalanced forklift.

What You Will Learn:  Minimum skill levels for using a motorized, counterbalanced forklift in a reasonably challenging work simulation.  Practical, hands-on pre-use inspection, safe operating and parking/shut-down procedures. Practice under the helpful eye of the program trainer. Your knowledge and skill level will be evaluated, and only those able to demonstrate a minimum level of operational competence will receive documentation of successful program completion.

Start:  8:00AM
End:   3:00PM
Locations: Loyalist College & AllCan Warehouse (Belleville)

Investment: $249 + HST per person.

Requirements: All Participants are required to provide protective safety footwear to attend the warehouse portion of class.