Launch Lab: Last Call for Applications for this Years Cohort of GrindSpace XL

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Time is running out to apply for this year’s cohort of GrindSpaceXLthe cutoff is August 10 2018!

Check out the new GrindSpaceXL website for information about the program, the facilitators, and more! This boot camp will give you the skills and mentorship to help turn your early-stage technology venture into a great company.

GrindSpaceXL offers a 12-week program that delivers:

• Targeted and intensive entrepreneurship training, including business model development and B2B sales
• Extended one-on-one mentorship from entrepreneurs who have built leading-edge companies
• Specialized advisors who help companies become investor-ready
• Opportunities to hone and deliver your pitch to advisors and investors
• Accelerated business development within a structured environment

We’ve had some very exciting companies enter the program over the last few years and would love to see some more applications in the last week before the deadline!

Check out the information on the website to see if this free program is the right fit for your company!

Not only is the content great, the weekly schedule provides a steady cadence to help keep your business focused and accountable. If you have questions about the program, please email us, or reach out through the GrindSpaceXL website and we’d be happy to provide more info.