Loyalist Training & Knowledge Centre: Dealing with Difficult Workplace Relationships Training

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How can we improve our relationships to build a more productive and collaborative workplace? Most people who ask this question realize that understanding the effectiveness of their own style of interacting is a starting place to improving their ability to work productively with others. This course is designed to help participants move past the negative effects of difficult workplace relationships to developing strategies for positive influence and contributing to a culture of trust and collaboration.

Are you…
avoiding conversations you know you ought to have?
wishing you could be more assertive and in control? 
losing patience with certain people or personality types?
having problems giving negative feedback?
feeling anxious before a difficult conversation?
wishing you had managed a conversation or an individual differently?
having trouble managing emotional customers, colleagues or employees?

Course Objective
To equip participants to deal more effectively with difficult workplace relationships.

Who should attend?
All managers and high-potential employees, Supervisors , Team leaders and Lead Hands, Manufacturing and Service Organization Managers, Human Resources Managers and
In-House Trainers

What you’ll learn
To understand your personal interaction style and the styles of others
What makes some work relationships difficult

Start:  9:00AM
End:   4:00PM

Investment: $ 559 plus HST, includes lunch and parking