WSIB Health and Safety Excellence Program Webinar Small Businesses Can Earn Rebates and More

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DATES:  November 12 or November 25
TIME:   7:00 PM

The WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence program provides a clear road map for businesses to improve workplace safety, whether they are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes they already have in place. The program can help you get pandemic ready and stay ready by helping stop the spread of COVID-19 and helping businesses keep their people and our communities safe. The Excellence Program can help businesses not only develop and implement a strong Health and Safety program, but it can help address the safety challenges related to COVID 19. 

The Health and Safety Excellence program offers:

  • A flexible program for employers.
  • The ability to develop and implement up to 36 health and safety topics that can take a business from awareness to excellence.
  • Alignment with best practice standards, such as COR2020 or ISO 45001.
  • Rebates on WSIB premiums and other non-financial recognition
  • Small businesses can get a $1000 rebate per topic completed, up to 75% of the premiums paid to WSIB